Vegan Friendly


We are vegan friendly!

The fitness industry is notoriously linked to chicken, beef and fish as meal choices,  there is a saying that flesh builds flesh and many people increase the amount of animal proteins they consume when the start an exercise programme.

But if you are thinking about cutting down on the amount of meat and other animal products you eat because you have you heard the amazing reports about the health benefits of following a plant based diet then we can support you. We can give you the correct advice on how to eat to maintain your protein intake at the same time of balancing all the nutrients the body need to grow and maintain muscle.

We can help you with meal ideas, planning and preparation so you get used to cooking, preparing and eating delicious meals every day.

We have vegan protein powders and bars available for you to purchase as well as offering many seminars on the benefits of eating a whole food plant base diet.

If you want to know more please contact Clare on 01482 503020