Personal Training

Many people believe personal training is just for the elite athlete or celebrities but, If you have ever struggled with motivation or feel like you don’t give it your best when you are on your own a personal training session can give you the boost you need. You can book a one-off session or a block booking. Personal training can help you to achieve so much more than when you train alone.

What you can get from PT Session

  • Improvements on a specific weak part of the body
  • Improved technique and range of movement
  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Diet and nutrition information
  • Confidence to try new exercises
  • Support from who understands your strengths, weakness and challenges

For women

One of the major reasons people end up in sheltered housing or care homes is due to frailty. Resistance training not only makes you look better by giving you a pert bottom, a six-pack and toned arms but it also adds years of living to your life.  Lifting weights can be an intimidating proposition for lots of women and here at champions gym, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We want to help you change your body, confidence and mindset so you can be one of the women who proudly say ‘I lift’

Clare is our female trainer and she will be understanding about how worried and nervous you feel on your first session. She said “I used to be very thin and I was very very weak! I was so nervous about going to the gym that I would look for reasons not to go, I wore huge baggy clothes to cover my shape and would feel really intimidated when I had to walk in. but over time people started to talk to me and gradually I felt better about my shape and I  thought less about what I thought people were thinking about me. Training with a personal trainer helps to put you at ease because you know they are supporting you to be a better version of yourself”

If you are considering trying a personal training session but are still a little unsure then give Clare a call and she will answer all your questions before you start.

What will happen on a Personal Training Session?

On your first session, you will sit down with your trainer and have a chat about what you want to get from the session. The trainer will set some goals and if you requested it a weigh and measure so that you have starting measurements.

The trainer will then take you into the gym for your first session. Depending on what you wish to achieve will determine what exercises you do in the gym but it could include resistance machine-based exercises, free weights and some cardio machines. Whatever you get to do you will have the choice to only do what you feel comfortable doing