The Gym

The gym is owned by Mark and Clare Bennett since 2000. They are passionate about working out and would like to share this experience with you. The both have competed in bodybuilding to a national level and have built the gym up over the years to create an environment to support this.

The gym is equipped with over 55 resistance machines, a large range of dumbbells, barbells, benches and plates suitable for all levels of fitness and training. We also have a selection of cardiovascular equipment including bikes, treadmills, rowers and cross trainer.

You are welcome to have a program to follow that will be tailored to your needs there is no extra charge for this. Not everyone would like a program but we do recommend it as it has helped a lot of our members to achieve their goals easier.

We have qualified experience gym instructors on hand to answer your questions, give advice and correct your training or technique whenever you need it.

Our opening times are 7 days a week
Monday to Thursday – 7.30am- 9.00pm
Friday – 7.30am- 8.00pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9.00am- 4.00pm

Membership start from as little as 70p a day!

£25 Membership

£22 monthly standing order

£16.50 month early bird before 10am

£39 Joint membership

£6.50 week pay as you train

All current members on standing order have no increase and any member not on monthly payment have until the end of august to change to standing order and will still pay £20.

There are no contracts and you can leave and come back whenever you choose without any repercussions.