Frequently asked questions

How much is it to join?

Our membership fee is £25, it’s a one-off payment and as long as you keep training you will never pay it again. If you have more than a year of non-attendance your membership will expire and you will be required to pay it again. Your subs can be paid on a pay as you go bias at £6.50 a week or £4 a session or you can pay monthly via standing order for £22.

Is there a contract?

Nope. Pay as you train means you only pay for when you use the club. If you know you are going to train regularly then set up a standing order. You are in charge of a standing order and can start and stop it without penalties.

Do I need to join?

No, you can pay as a non-member at £9 a week or £30 a month.

Are there any other benefits to being a member?

Yes! All members are entitled to regular program review and training advice at no extra cost. We also use an app called PT Hub where you can track your food diary, creating training programs and set your goals.

What are your opening times?

Monday to Thursdays we open 7.30 am to 9 pm, Friday 7.30 am to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm

Will someone show me what to do?

All new members get a gym introduction where we sit down with you and find out what your goals are and how we can help you achieve them, we then write you a program for you to follow. You are supervised on your first workout so you can tell us how the program feels.

Do I need to book in to look around or join?

We would advise that you call ahead first so that we can show you around the club and answer any of your questions. If you want to join and you have lots of experience training in gyms and therefore don’t want a gym intro we will need 15 minutes to join you up and a full gym intro and program takes an hour so making an appointment will guarantee we are available for you.

When is it busy?

Like all gyms we are busy at peak times usually just after the school run and between 5 pm and 7 pm. We have plenty of equipment to use so there will always be something you can do.

I’m really unfit does this matter?

Your fitness level is not important as you are joining the gym to get fitter. If you are underlying health problems then we recommend you speak to your GP before joining because if we deem you to be at risk from increasing your activity we will ask you to see your GP first.

What if I am too fat for the machines?

This is a very common question that we get and I can assure you this is never a problem! But we understand your fear and this is why we recommend a gym introduction first. This means a gym instructor will show you the most comfortable machines to use at first. As time goes on and your confidence grows you will be excited to try new machines.

I have underlying health problems such as diabetes/heart disease/high blood pressure

Most people have these underlying health problems because they don’t exercise enough and moving their body will be the best thing they could do. But some conditions are not stable and require close monitoring so we ask you to inform your GP that you are about to take up an exercise program before your first session. Most GP’s will be thrilled to hear you are ready to take control of your health.

Is everyone young and fit? 

We have members of all ages shapes and sizes that train, some members are teens through to their 70’s. Looking fit and being fit are not the same thing so don’t let peoples appearances fool you.