AOF Champions Gym is steadily building up a competition team. We don’t charge you to be part of the team, being a member of the club is our only requirement.

11203073_492368684257424_8000608179059353755_nThe team leaders are Clare and Mark Bennett who started their competition career 3 years ago after spending many years training in a gym. There has always been a passion for bodybuilding says Mark and now we are ready to make that dream come true; not just for us but for our team too. We are just as passionate about leading the team to success as we are about winning ourselves. We enjoy the buzz of competition but also get just as much from watching our members win too.

Clare believes that being in shape is the best confidence and self esteem booster you can have – “it’s great not to have to worry about what you are going to look like on the beach.  Training for me is my way of life.  18232_492345434259749_4210237766781122987_nI have trained for over 20 years but only really got the results that I wanted after I committed to the goal of getting on stage. Now my body is in the best shape ever, and I am only Looking forward to getting better still!”

Women shouldn’t be intimidated to come into the gym, everyone has to start somewhere and you should never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Stand proud that you are there, your are doing better than 80% of the population!