Would you like to be part of a bodybuilding competition team?

We don’t charge you to be part of the team; being a club member is our only requirement.

The team leaders are Mark & Clare Bennett, who started their competition career in 2013 after training in a gym for many years.

Mark said, “we have always had a passion for bodybuilding training and used to dream of getting on stage together. When we started, we had to learn from our own mistakes, so when we bought home our first trophy, it was the biggest buzz! It is not just about us winning; we are passionate about leading the team to success. We enjoy the excitement of competition and get just as much from watching our members win. It is hard preparing for competition, and having a support network around you can be the difference between getting it to the stage or quitting!”


Clare believes that being in shape is the best confidence and self-esteem booster you can have – “training for me is my way of life and not just winning a competition. I am my biggest critic, and each day I think, what can I do better and is what I am doing taking me closer to my goal? It can be a challenging journey getting stage ready, and you need to be mentally prepared to sit out on life for a few months if you want to achieve a podium place. Doing this half-heartedly is not an option. You either commit 100 per cent, or you are out. The window to success is narrow, and you must be 100% committed to the end goal.   I have trained for over 25 years but only got the results I wanted after I committed to the purpose of getting on stage. Now my body is in the best shape ever whether it’s competition prep season or not.

There is a saying in the competition world that everyone on stage is a winner because many people start the journey, but only a few get to the end hence why you need a team behind you to support and guide you to a successful future.

Women shouldn’t be intimidated to enter the gym, everyone has to start somewhere and you should never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Stand proud that you are there; you are doing better than 80% of the population!

If you want to get into competition training, you need to be a gym member. General training advice is part of your membership fee. If you require detailed training and competition advice, you need to book a personal training session at £25 per hour.

If you are unsure what or how to eat for a competition, you can book dietary advice on a  blocked booking at £125 for 8 weekly check-ins. You will receive a diet plan with your macros and guidelines on what to eat. A weekly check-in can be in person or via video call.

Posing and routine practice is £25 per hour.


To join us, you can text or call Mark or Clare on 07766223155